Saturday, April 26, 2008

seriously cute red-headed kiddo

This is Sully. I've taken his picture before...he's as cute and as impish as they come. A redhead, to boot. If I could wake up tomorrow with that hair, I would. And his eyes, oh my, he has AMAZING blue eyes...

Well, lucky me. I got to spend some more time with his family yesterday. Here's some of the cute fun shots. I hesitated before turning a few of the pictures into anything other than VIVID colors. I mean, with that glorious red hair, you just don't think B&W, but I love the look of it....

This is a kid who is LOVED completely. Totally. Unabashedly so. I love being around affectionate people. When he squeezed his folks, he blurted out "Family Sandwich!!" Isn't that the sweetest?

Thanks Sully, Jenny and Aaron!!

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