Tuesday, April 15, 2008

stuff in my day

It's Tuesday.
I am feeling very random today....

It's not only TAX DAY, but it's also Leonardo da Vinci's birthday. I was going to post a JPG of my favorite da Vinci work, but how do you pick just one? And man, what a True Renaissance Man.

Had LeadShare today. I love the group of people I get to "network" with. Some dynamic folks with keen business sense. And funny as all get out.

I am hooked on my iTunes again, but tragedy has struck. My gloriously wonderful iPod, which is PINK, is missing. I even cleaned my desk, and still couldn't find it.....It's silly to be attached to my technology but I love that lil thing. When Jonathan ramps up and won't stop talking, it saves my sanity. You'd think it would be a medical write-off, my downloads, it's MY SANITY, you know.....but somehow they don't see it as medically necessary. Obviously, they've not spent hours listening to a kid with fragile x go on and on and on....If they had, it would be "iPods come with your diagnosis".....

You know you're disorganized when you realize in APRIL that you've forgotten to give your child one of his Christmas gifts. Adam and I were cruising my beloved Target and he went bonkers over the Optimus Prime talking helmet thingie, and I thought "Wait a minute, I remember BUYING this a few months ago....." Luckily, Greg was able to locate it and all was well. I do this every year: hide the gifts so well that I FORGET....

When I tell people what I do (photographer), they usually say "OH wow, you must have some amazing pictures of your own kids..." Well, I do but usually when I ASK if I can take a picture of one of them, this is what I get. (This is also a TOP Reason I don't ask kids to pose. Kids don't usually need posing, but that's a whole 'nother story....) Feast your eyes on Mr. Cooperative.

You guys know I am about the emotional connection to photographs. Let me tell you why: I grew up loved and cherished. But there weren't that many pictures of me as a kid. I was the youngest of 5. I think my parents were pretty much over the novelty of kids by the time they go to me. I have this picture of a baby, my Mom thinks it might be me, but then again, it could be my brother Michael, but no, she's sure it's probably me...You see where I am going with this? Childhood is fleeting and your own memory lasts only so long. I love the stories that pictures tell.

When I was a kid I would pull out my Mom's (gasp) sticky magnetic page photo albums and spend hours, pouring over them. Looking at the faces, reliving the moments. I want my kids to have that, too. So I snap pictures. Often. For big occasions and for no reason at all. I want them to see what they cannot remember. I look at my little ones and I KNOW they won't be little forever. I cherish making these memories.

In light of that, I cried when I saw the next picture. I just took it this morning as Adam and I were walking home from the Bus Stop. To me, as a mom, it says "this moment will soon be gone". My little boy is growing up so quickly. I am training up a man, who will someday take these lessons, these memories and impart them to his children. That's the coolest thing about love: it just keeps giving.

Enjoy the moment you're in. It's a blessing.


Jen said...

I understand the whole youngest and not very many pictures. I'm the only child of my parents together, but the youngest of 8 (mom had 4 before me and dad had 3......and due to circumstances, the other parents weren't part of the equation).
I have soooo many pictures of my kids!

Linda said...

I think that being a scrapbooker makes me more aware of picture taking. My kids are inundated with the camera...so much so that they just ignore it now (which is a GOOD thing)...but we will never be able to say that I didn't take enough pictures of one or the other. Now...don't talk baby books!

Scotty and Adam need to get together. Auntie Sue bought that helmet for Scotty for his 4th birthday. It's a blast!