Monday, April 14, 2008

the blessing of a Family

Those of you who stop by often know that I am a photographer.
But did you know that I am also a witness?
A witness to fun, love and the miracle that we call Family.
This particular Family has been so much fun to document. They're special to me. You see....I have known the Husband/Father forever....Stephan and I went to Elementary School together back in Texas. I've known him since I was what...5 or 6? We used to run the streets of Sagemont as kids. (Ang, can you believe he looks EXACTLY the same as when we were kids? Except he's taller...)
And now he's a Husband and Daddy. He's smart, too... He married Cathy, who is a a teacher AND a scrapbooker, so all of these precious photos of them will find their way onto clever pages that Noah himself will have for his whole life.
I love what I do. I get to meet cool people. I get to watch babies grow. I get to witness the miracle that we call Family.
Thanks Stephan and Cathy, for letting me watch your family grow.

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Linda said...

what a FUN set of pictures of Stephan and his precious.

Great job, as always!