Thursday, May 15, 2008

big steps, dreams and the Grand Canyon

Took a big step this morning.
Shaping my business in a manner that befits me.
Changing, and adapting.
Still dreaming. And learning.
I have sooooooo many ideas, I feel like my head's gonna burst!
And I have big dreams.

One of my dreams is to see the Grand Canyon.
People says, "Oh Suzanne, when you get there, it won't be as big a deal."
So not true.
Look at the majesty that God creates.
Nothing else comes close.
Lots of changes afoot.
Dreams coming true.
I so want to share all of this, but I have to be patient.
God is teaching me to be PATIENT on His terms, not mine.

1 comment:

Kristiem10 said...

God is so awesome, isn't he? I love His creation, and I too, want to see the Grand Canyon in person.