Tuesday, May 06, 2008

a boy and his bear

This story has many twists and turns.
It all started with a box from Linda.
And a bear that Adam fell in love with.
It was one of those bears that travelled the world.
I mailed it on the next person, who mailed to someone else, and so on and so on...
When I had to ship that bear away, Adam SOBBED. He'd never been attached to any stuffed animal so I was caught by surprise.
When I saw one almost identical to the bear in our local thrift shop, I knew Adam would be happy. For many months now, this bear, whose name is BARRY, has been his constant companion.
This weekend, Adam got a hair cut.
Today, Barry got his. (also note the Matchbox Bumblebee-type car....)

Adam cut his ears off.....so he'd look more like Adam.
Forget the fact that he's RAINBOW-colored......!! Hide the Barbies...
Life with a boy is such an adventure.

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Linda said...

When I saw the picture (because I always see pictures first!) I was thinking...gee, that bear looks familiar. Then you mentioned a box, and I remembered the rainbow bear (can't remember what THAT bear's name was, though). And I thought, Oh MY...did Adam cut the ears off THAT bear? THEN I read the story. You are a great mom to find him a bear that matched....but I'm not so sure about that poor earless bear. Did you tell Adam that Barry won't be able to hear anymore?