Friday, May 09, 2008

countdown to Mother's Day

Mother's Day is literally right around the corner. Once again, my gift to my own mother will be late. I am awful with holiday deadline (worst example: my buddy Linda, her CHRISTMAS gifts are still here.....)

I am WORKING on my mom's MD gift. It's not something I could go buy and just wrap and mail. It's something that *I* made.

This year, I will no doubt get something MY kids make. And I will love that. The Ultimate MD gift? Lots of love, hugs and kisses, thank you's for being a Mom, maybe breakfast that involves an obscenely large amount of bacon and eggs, I am not hard to please.....something is brewing around here. Greg is full of obnoxious non-hints and this is the first year the kids have not blurted anything out. (I'll never forget the Birthday when I got into the car and Micaela says "We did not get you a bike for your birthday." Greg has learned TRUST NO ONE.)

How many homemade gifts have our own mother's lived through? How many candles, lotions, pot holders? I read this today: What’s mom worth? $117000 a year (which I think is FAR FAR too low.)

Then there was this list:

Consider the top five presents mothers said were the worst to receive on Mother's Day:
1. Kitchen utensil or appliance (unless it's the Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer)
2. Cleaning products (as long as a MAID is using it, it's fine)
3. A piece of clothing (I like clothing, what's wrong with clothing?)
4. A vacuum (WRONG!!! A Dyson is never wrong!!)
5. An iron (see #2)

Some of the 'worst of the worst' gifts said they had given or received included:
1. Dead spider (had to be a boy!!)
2. Cactus in a donkey shaped planter
3. Gong
4. Ceramic poodle with a feather duster inserted into the head
5. 20lb bag of onions (can you IMAGINE the look on the Mom's face???)
6. Bottle of whiskey
7. Bad news
8. Father's Day card

What do I want for MD? Love and a nap. Everything else is gravy.
Love your Mom. And not just on Mother's Day. I mean, let's face it, when you're a Mom, EVERY day is a Working Day!!

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Linda said...

I want someone to cook ME a meal (or take me out, or even CALL the order in for a change!)...and I plan on watching the "Deadliest Catch" marathon after church. That is all.