Wednesday, May 07, 2008

eat 'em up!

I did a session recently where I just wanted to scoop these kids up.

There was the Super Nice well put-together mom (also known as The WPTM). You know the look at her and think "How does she look THAT good with 4 kids??" It's blessedly unfair, but in a good way.....And there was her three sons plus a little girl....each one just as cute as a bug. They had SUCH energy....this is why I like working with kids. They have FUN.....I had such a blast taking their pictures and getting to know them a bit...

I am only sharing a few from the session although I could shared GOBS.

I am telling you: I coulda scooped 'em up!

And to you, Mrs. WPTM, your family is beautiful. Simply beautiful.


Linda said...

They are gorgeous boys...those are gonna be heartbreakers!

Anonymous said...

The bottom one has mischeivous (sp?!) eyes and the top one has compassionate eyes. Too cute.

Kristiem10 said...

Aww, what a handsome young man!