Wednesday, May 14, 2008

homeschool is COOL

This summer, the kids go back on a homeschooling schedule.
Greg and I have not yet decided about Adam's enrollment in public school for 1st Grade.

We'll still be rocking the k12. That's in case you wanna know. ALL of the kids will be working hard this summer. Which means *I* have to get organized. I am laying out the summer lesson plan groundwork now, so I can hit the ground running. Between vacations, my photography stuff and life in general, I want to stay organized this year! I am constantly a work in progress....

How will I be compelling them to WANT to study?
I'll be bribing them, of course. With money AND field trips!

Some of our planned excursions include:

Smithsonian National Zoo (they are ALWAYS begging to go to the Zoo)
Kleeberg Delco $2 (cheap movies)
Route 11 Potato Chips (a tour of how they make potato chips)
Fleetwood RV (to see how pop-ups are made)
United States Capital Building (they'll love this one!!)

I just have to get organized. Give them a head-start on 1st and 3rd grade respectively. This will be challenging, since Adam is perfectly capable at a 3rd grade level. I want him in the PALS program if he returns to public school. If he can't get in, we might end up homeschooling for 08-09 academic year. We'll see......

check out this cool story: 10-year-old takes college by storm!

My kids aren't THAT smart. But I think they are pretty bright. Adam will be leaning heavily upon Math and Science, while Micaela will be firming up her writing and Math. Jonathan will be doing Basic Survival Skills.


Linda said...

I think that homeschooled kids generally have a great advantage over public schools...first off, there aren't so many, so the teacher isn't teaching to the least common denominator...the kids all end up learning at the slowest kids' pace. And the ones who are extremely bright and gifted in some areas tend to languish because they aren't stimulated enough. Homeschool alleviates ALL of that.

I was blessed to teach fife (and glockenspiel) to several homeschooled girls. Two siblings stood out. At the time, Cassandra was 9 and her sister (name escapes me right now) was 13...the 9 year old was finishing her freshman year in college (at Western Connecticut State) and her sibling was in her junior year (same college). The older girl was double-majoring in physics and something else, totally out of my realm of understanding, lol. AND they were both Honors students...magna or summa cum laude, both! I think it must be HARD for a child that age, but then again, they interacted with their peers quite easily and didn't behave as though they were better. Can't imagine being 9, going to college and wanting to come home to play with barbies, you know?

Korynh said...

Here I am again, loving and reading your blog! Ha ha! We started off private schooling our four kids, then moved to Northern Virginia when they were in middle school and even the algebra was over my head. We privately schooled the youngest two here in Woodbridge, VA but the older ones were climbing up the academic ladder faster than I could have kept up, and costing more thatn two incomes could have provided so off to public high school they went. Now the oldest is going to be a Junior at James Madison University and my senior in high school is graduating at the top of his class and attending UVA in biomedical engineering this fall. The high schools where we live offer so much to advanced students and specialty programs for those who apply, such as my 14 year old daughter who is a singer and in the performing arts high school. I have found that application to Virginia State colleges is so absolutely competitive that I wonder how home schooled children compete with what is offered in area public schools? My son who has a 4.3 GPA this year didn't even get one scholarship in the merit based category. Now what's up with that? We have lived all over the world and have found Northern Virginia to be the most difficult academically speaking both in rigor and competition, but as parents you have to be very active in advocating for their placement in higher level courses. Anyhow, enjoy them while they are young and you have the control over so much of what they are exposed to. You sound like such a great mom!