Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's Wedding Season

This weekend marks the beginning of the Wedding Season for me. I'll have quite a few on my calendar and I am so excited! Nothing is quite as much fun as watching two people, wildly in love.

I was reading an article today Economy sticking a cake fork in bridezilla? and it gave me pause. Did you SEE how much people spend of weddings? Yikes! (Greg and I spent less than $500 to get married and it was worth every penny!)

I did a lot of research with brides in mind when I set my Price List for Weddings. I could NEVER rip someone off, like many vendors do. You hear wedding bells, many vendors hear cha-ching! Sad but true. I couldn't live with myself if I did business that way.

Your wedding day is special. It only happens once. If you're engaged and looking for a photographer, choose wisely. Pick someone you can work with, someone you can trust. And be happy! Have fun!


rocksinmydryer said...

I just read that same article. Jeepers!

SB said...

great minds think alike!


Kristiem10 said...

That's a lotta dough.

Anonymous said...

I wanted a $500 wedding but well...lets just say my mother had other plans for her only daughter (puke!!)

Noah&Maddy's Mom said...

I couldn't agree more. Before we left Virginia that is how I made my living (making cakes---wedding cakes mostly. I honestly have to say that aside from God's grace, the reason my business was so successful is because I catered to the bride who wanted a beutiful cake but didn't want to pay the equivalent of a down-payment on a car for it. Bakers in the Metro-DC area charge WAAAAAYYYYY too much for wedding cakes because they know brides will pay it. At least they used to. And while I would never suggest a bride get her cake from Costco...paying too much for something her guests are going to eat (or not) and forget is ridiculous.
I wish I was still in Virginia and in the cake busienss because I would so recommend you to brides!!!