Friday, May 16, 2008

lil Miss Ceanna

This beautiful girl just stole my heart.
Her name is Ceanna...isn't she beautiful?
I took her pictures a few months ago and she didn't like me or my pesky camera.
And even with a DOUBLE ear infection, she took these great pictures.
I just had to include the "kissing mommy" picture. I love candid moments!
I even included one that is VIVIDLY colored. (I had a mean-spirited comment recently that I was a chromophobe.) ----I'm NOT. I am just shy with color, but that's a whole 'nother story.


Linda said...

ah geez...the "jealous-jennies" come out and complain about your photos...and it is TRULY jealousy.

I think that often, the b&w photos hide a lot of blemishes (both physically and in nature) and I really like the look of b&w. I just forget to convert to that, lol!

Jennifer said...


I couldn't thank you enough for your gifts and talents! All parents know how fast time truly passes with their children. And, although time travel is not possible, your photos make it almost a reality. I know on the day of her wedding, I'm going to be looking back at these and remembering the day when you came by. Thank you for your time...thank you for your talents...and thank you for the priceless gifts that you give to all parents who could never remember their lives without their kids. I can't wait to have you back again to capture our moments on camera!