Monday, May 26, 2008

love, kindness and 90 years

I have this super cool neighbor.
Her name is Lillian.
She's 90.
As in NINETY years old.
I used to haunt her yard, with my loud kids in tow.
But then we built our fence and I saw less and less of Lillian.
(I felt like I was bugging her, truthfully)

Anyhow...skip ahead about a year, during which time, Lillian broke her hip and spent many long months in the hospital, in rehab. (She says it's not nearly as much fun, she doesn't understand why movie stars want to go there...)

I was in my yard, hanging my aprons on my clothesline.
You see, I live in Purcellville, VA, it's a smallish town, where people still have clotheslines.
Lillian was chatting me up, over the fence, and she looked at my aprons with such longing.
I even offered her one (which is a big deal for me, because they ROCK. One of the best gifts Greg has ever bought me: 3 chef's aprons from Williams-Sonoma®..) so I offered her one.

She turned me down flat.
She says she wasted too much time in her younger days on boring, plain aprons.
That she wished now, looking back from 90, that she'd worn prettier aprons.
Because you're just gonna spill stuff on it, you might as well look pretty.

Enter Kellie from La Vida Dulce. She was having a giveaway a few weeks ago and I participated. Although I didn't win, you have to go read what happened.

Every kindness you extend ripples through the world.
You might not see it.
You might never see what good you do.
But sometimes, you get lucky.

Kellie, wonderful Kellie, blessed Lillian with a KNOCK-OUT sassy beautiful apron that my 90 year old neighbor is prancing in now. Although I don't have proof (yet) of the prancing, I can offer you this:

and Kellie, that KIND stinker, even made YOURS TRULY an apron....It's so cute, I don't wanna wear it...but then I think of what Lillian said.

You're gonna get dirty, you might as well look pretty!

Thank you Kellie. Thank you for being an angel to my neighbor. I love ya for it.


Linda said...

Angels among us...wonderful...LOVE when you don't expect things and you get them....

Anonymous said...

You brought me to tears with this story and Kellie's goodness. You two are wonderful people.

Kristiem10 said...

That is so cool. Truly.

Unknown said...

It's so exiting to see Lillian's face after she has been on my heart for so long.

She's beautiful!

Thank you Suzanne!

Sierra said...

This post brought me to tears...and yet, I'm not in the least bit surprised that you'd do something so incredible :)

Sorry I've not gotten back to you - between work and my kiddo's graduation in 6DAYS! I'm so far behind the Space Shuttle couldn't help me. A week from Thursday, everyone gets on a plane and goes home. I promise to start planning your trip then!

Love you...