Tuesday, May 06, 2008

more from Oklahoma

As I try and hit the re-set button on my life and my energy level, I thought I would share more from my OK trip. They have penguins in OK. All over the city....

Here in Northern Virginia, they have horses (which I get because this is HORSE COUNTRY) and apples (which I get because we have apple orchards in the Shenendoah Valley). But penguins in Oklahoma?? Nonetheless, they sure were cute! Apparently, the penguins were part of an art fundraising effort known as "Penguins on Parade" conducted by the Tulsa Zoo for the penguin exhibit.

Since I HAD TO go to the Harley Davidson dealership to get my menfolks a t-shirt, I will share with you the coolest Biker penguin I've ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

that is sooo cool!!