Wednesday, May 21, 2008

more sharing

my iTunes are cranked.
Someone could be ransacking my house behind me and I probably would not hear it (....and I have fragile x super bionic hearing!!)
I HAVE TO have music while I edit photos. HAVE TO.
My iPod has been an essential tool for me. For my work (it lets that side of my brain be free and open while I am editing and intrepreting images.....) and for my sanity (when Jonathan won't stop talking, it keeps me hollering. Love him but you KNOW what I mean.....) It's a shame that my health insurance won't buy me iTunes gift cards. When will they get on-board with that?? Come on!!

but my iTunes is cranked up today.
right now, it's MercyMe's "Time has Come" which always makes me work faster. I always hit re-play on that one.....

Anyway, you would swear that instead of editing like a wildwoman that I was just wasting hours reading blogs but I swear, I'm not.....(besides, reading blogs is NOT wasting time. I learn stuff. Lots of stuff...Important and fun stuff.)

So I read Confessions Of A CF Husband · Babies and it's all about Nate, Tricia's and Gwyneth's journey. You will get sucked in. You will. It's a heartfelt story of faith, a journey through some darn scary times and a love that is BIGGER than most of us know. And lucky them, Jessica Claire - Photographer stopped by and took their pictures. I love her work. She rocks!!

Anyhow, that's not even why I am sharing all of this. Today, on the blog, Nate shared a site/blog that I want to remember: (and I am cutting & pasting directly from Nate's blog so I don't screw up the linkage)

"I did find what I was looking for when I asked for help with jewelry (Here). Her name is Lisa Leonard and she is seriously, I read her blog every day because she has a cool family."

You gotta click on Lisa Leonard. Her designs are AWESOME and she has a cool blog, too. it's the little things... Ain't that the truth? I so wish I had found her designs site earlier. I would have begged for one of those necklaces for Mother's Day. Look at this one:

it IS the little things. Amen to that!