Sunday, May 11, 2008

a Mother's Day prayer

It's Mother's Day.

I was awoken to the sounds of clanging dishes and scurrying feet, whispered commands and then all of a sudden, kisses and hugs and a breakfast made just for me. And what was even better? I did NOT have to clean the kitchen afterwards!!

But it's not the breakfast I am thinking of today. It's my friends Cathy and Stephen. Their son, Noah, who has graced my blog many a time, is in the hospital. Without divulging too much personal information, he's been a little sick lately and he could use our prayers. So please, while you're enjoying your day, please think of another Mom today: my friend Cathy. And think of Noah. Little Noah is one of my favorite kiddos. He is so amazing full of smiles and laughter. And I pray that his laughter is back up to full speed soon.

Lord, please hold Noah in Your loving hands and heal him as only You can. And hold this beautiful Family in your care. Give them strength and grace.

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Linda said...

Praying for Noah and his mom today....