Friday, May 30, 2008


As Adam and I are preparing his homeschooling classroom (formerly known as the Dining Room), we agreed that we will set up a visual schedule, (a cute lil laminated dealie with velcroed topics that we pull off when done).

Well, the first item of each day was "prayer".
Adam had a different perspective. Darn that kid. He went and used LOGIC on me....(it rarely works, ask my husband.....)

He looks right at me, almost right though me, and says, "Mom, you said God knows every hair on my head and every thought in my heart. Why do I have to actually pray?"

I just stared at hime, electing for once not to be the Smart Mouth that I am.....
I just stared and said nothing as I gathered my thoughts.
I really had to THINK.

So I told him that sometimes it helps to talk it over with God, even know He knows.
Sometimes, that kid just throws me.
Am I equipped to handle homeschooling a LOGICAL 6-year old boy?

In the last 24 hours, Adam's been through the ringer. He got sick at school yesterday, throwing up in front of his classmates. (Poor lil guy was worried because of a few drops got on the shoes of a classmate.) Well, I brought him home only to have him be sick for HOURS on end. I knew he was sick but I didn't worry until he stood up to grab his bucket and his eyes rolled back in head, and he sort of passed out. I worried then.....

So Adam, always the adventurer, got to have his first CT scan last night, to rule out appendicitis. And you know me, of course I took pictures (with my cell phone......)

Today, he's quiet and on the mend.
He's actually napping, something he hasn't done for, I don't know, 4+ years.......
I am off to tackle the Sock Basket while he rests.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope he's better now!