Monday, May 26, 2008


Let me just say that I KNOW that Memorial Day is the Un-Official 1st day of summer, but it's not really. It's a day to remember AND HONOR those who have fallen and sacrified for the gift that is our freedom. (and it irritates me that this day, this important day, has been hi-jacked by car dealers and retailers for another excuse to get you to go shopping....)

I remember standing beside my father at parades (A Navy guy, pictured above). And STANDING when our heroes walked by, broken and bent with age. Many of them, without an arm or leg, being pushed in wheelchairs, but heads held high. Proud men. And the streets, lined with people, STOOD to honor their service, their sacrifice. To honor those who had fallen and never came home.

And I think of my dad today. And his service.
And that of my husband, who is perilously close to 20 years of service.
And I think, "All of my heroes wear boots."

So no matter what you're doing today, whether it's a BBQ or a party, please stop for a moment and be TRULY THANKFUL for our freedom.
It's a gift.
It came with great sacrifice.
It should be honored.

This is a scrapbook page from a book that I made for a wife who was new to the DC area. Arlington is one of my favorite spots. How they honor our heroes. How they are guarded. How they are respected. It is truly awe-inspiring. If you can only go to a few places in DC, Arlington should be at the top of your list. (I would share some of my fave Arlington pictures, of which I have many, but my computer is playing hide-n-seek with me....)
Thank you to all of our military families.

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