Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shadow the Hedgehog and Losers

Adam drew this the other day. Apparently, it's the EVIL Hedgehog named Shadow. He's never SEEN this to my knowledge. Where do kids pick up this stuff ? (But on the art front, check out Shadow's eyebrows. I love the work he did was all freehand.)

I used this as a opportunity to talk about making good choices. That we ALL have that lil voice inside saying "Go ahead, do that bad one will know." To which, Adam voluntarily blurts, "You mean like when you have gum in your purse and I eat it all when you're not looking?" Oh, the guileless innocence of a child.....

We have a Game in our House. For the kids.
It's more of an incentive chart. They get one point every time they complete a task on the list. Things like "Clean Your Room", "Eat Your Dinner", "Brush your Teeth", etc.
Well, as of this afternoon, Micaela is leading by a whopping 4 points. He just crumpled in a heap on the floor, sobbing. Saying that he wants to win....that he deserves it more.

I used that as a chance to talk about Effort.
And Determination.
And Quitters.
And how you don't get a blue ribbon just for showing up.
He's made up his mind that he's going to win this week's Point Competition.
This week's prize is not only a seat next to Mom during Movie Night, but $3.00 that the winner can spend ANY WAY they want. (Adam will buy HotWheels cars, Micaela will save it....)

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