Monday, May 19, 2008


I sometimes harass people in public places. It's true.....I do.
Especially when they have EXCEPTIONALLY CUTE kids that I wanna photograph.
I'll admit it. I go up and offer freebies to complete strangers. I am sure some of them think I am crazy (I am, but in a good way...)

The following baby is one such family that I met this way:

This is Shannon, she's a spunky 13 month old. I saw her at Fuddrucker's and thought "Oh my, she's precious..." and she is.

This is her big sister, Tara, who has the prettiest almond shaped eyed I've ever seen.

Nobody REALLY wanted to have their pictures taken today. And I don't take that personally. Not at all. Somedays it works, others not so much. But look at the girls......aren't they adorable??

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Anonymous said...

I hope to one day have you harass me in public!!!! I would love a freebie from you -- I can just hear you now if you saw my little guy's blue eyes!