Monday, May 05, 2008

things in my Monday

1. I am still sluggish. I don't think I am cut out to be a jet-setter. I have a low-grade yucky feeling. I don't even want KNOW something is wrong then.

2. Just LOOK at my azalea bushes. Actually, it's just the one. I tried to plant another one but my ugly black thumb reared its ugly head....

3. I missed that face more than I imagined possible. Isn't it funny how when they are driving you NUTS that you think "OH how I wish I could just get away for just a bit..." then when you do, all you can think about it being back home with your kiddos.

4. Feast your eyes on THE cutest make-up bag EVER!! My client in OK bought me a super nice Chanel make-up bag to the tune of $120, but almost as soon as it was mine that voice in my head said "Are you CRAZY??? Go to Wal-Mart and get a cheaper one!!" Even with faced with immense spoiling, that frugal voice inside of me just won't shut up. I did come home with some amazing gifts from my trip. I am one lucky gal! Plus those of you know who know KNOW that I am a big fan of polka-dots!! LOVE THEM!

Now, I have to go make dinner. I wish I could go out for dinner tonight. I don't feel like cooking. I didn't even plan Mexican Food tonight. My poor sweet husband doesn't get the Cinco de Mayo feast. Maybe tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Your azaleas are the bomb!! Lucky...I have a worst black thumb...none of my stuff is alive right now.

We didn't do Mexican food either. We had mac &