Sunday, May 04, 2008

ugh, I'm back....

Ugh, I'm back....
Don't get me wrong. I am SOOOOO glad to be home.
But I feel all yucky. My tummy hurts. I could only eat one piece of pizza. (I think I got too used to eating at Carrabba's while on my trip .....)
Seriously, I am back. The laundry missed me. It always waits for you, you ever noticed that? Even a dog isn't as faithful as dirty laundry....
I almost bawled when I got out of the secure area in the airport.
There was my crew, holding signs that read "I love Mom", leaping and smiling.
Oh, it's good to be home. I was missed. That matters to me a lot.
Pictures and stories to follow.
I'm gonna go bond with some laundry products now.
You know what??If you eat copius amounts of dark chocolate almonds, laundry ain't so bad.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe because of all those dark chocolate almonds you consumed is why you had a stomach ache and could only eat one slice of pizza. Hopefully, you are feeling much better!