Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am a slug

I'll admit it: I lack discipline.
I get all excited about starting exercising,
which usually lasts until I realize I have to actually DO IT.
I had always been the skinny one. Never had to diet. Didn't exercise.
Well, now my health is impacted, so I am forced to look more closely at my health.
Dang asthma.
I was thinking just last week, "I need to get back on the Fat Flush again and say good-bye to every white food there is.....blah blah blah......."

then I saw this article.....Supermom: She gives birth to six, runs marathon

You gotta be kidding me.....6 babies and she runs a marathon?
Now all of my complaints and excuses sound just like complaints and excuses.
Huh....guess you can't argue with logic like that.

I wish I had a walking buddy. I wish I had a sitter.
There I go again, making excuses.
I wonder how many calories "making excuses" uses up? Not nearly enough.......


Linda said...

we'd be walking together if we were know we would. ONE WAY or another....

Every little bit helps....

Jen said...

My weight has never been much of an issue for me either---I just always had to get rid of the 50 pounds I would gain with each pregnancy. That being said, I'm full of excuses too! Right now, I would like to shed 5 or 10 pounds and tone up my belly (which I don't recognize as being mine right now), but........

Noah&Maddy's Mom said...

I missed the TODAY show interview but watched a documentary on her pregnancy. She was on bedrest from week 19 until she deliverd (at 31.5 weeks, I think). And then because of the drugs they were giving her to stimulate the babies growth, she almost died after giving birth. Not that any of that would make ME want to run a marathon, but she does seem like a SUPERMOM after all of that.