Thursday, June 26, 2008

it's Thursday

Gas, back and forth to church VBS: $80.00 estimate
Snack and treats made for volunteers: $20.00
Thrift store shopping while kids safely learning God's word: $20.00
Hearing Adam's sweet voice singing from his VBS music CD from the backseat: PRICELESS..

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of VBS.
I am tired......and I am not even teaching it.
Having VBS and my MIL visit in the same week PLUS a not-so-fun ear infection is wearing me down.

But the kids and I are about to take a nap.
Recharge the batteries.

Then Micaela and I are celebrating our Mom-Daughter relationships by playing "Life Story" (Where we sit and tell things from our lives, GREAT conversations happen during this time....) It's a combo Girl's night, complete with bubble bath, lotions and manicures. She is sooooo looking forward to it. She told her VBS friends tonight is "Chick Night"....

It's been a good day.
But I am sooooooooooooo sleepy.
More later when I am not snoring at the keyboard. I wanna show off what I bought at the Thrift's SO cool!


Linda said...

So...imagine how *I* felt after our VBS...from 6:00-8:40 every night (of course, I was there from about 5:30 to 9:00 for set up and clean up)...throw in an entire night of no sleep (Wednesday night tornado) and you can only imagine how exhausted I was. I have YET to really get caught up on sleep.

SB said...

linda, how on earth did you do it?? You're amazing!!