Sunday, June 01, 2008

Micaela's worst nightmare

Created by Greg, my tech dude and Husband...
I get no credit for this, he did it all.
I just get to share it.
BTW, note the hat he's wearing. Used to be his Dirty Dan Cowboy hat.
Now it's an Indiana Jones hat. We've been watching the 1st 3 "IJ" movies....


Kellie said...

THat is such a fun photograph!

Your husband is very talented!

Linda said...

that is the most HILARIOUS thing I have EVER seen...could see why it would be Micaela's biggest nightmare!

Scotty is loving IJ, too...only he's never seen the movies...just the previews! yesterday he said to Scott, "Daddy, you wanna play Indiana Jones wis me. Pleeeze?"...and Scott said, "Sure buddy."

Scotty replied, "Okay...uh, how do we play Indiana Jones?"


Scott B. said...


Marni Tiani Self said...

That is awesome! Your son will love that when he's older I'm sure. Ok, as if he doesn't love it now right?

Cute blog. :)