Friday, June 27, 2008

movie date with the J man

Jonathan and I dropped the kiddos-pa-diddoes off (he likes to call them that....)
And we had ourselves a mighty fine time.
I used up a whole bunch of money to take him to see this movie:

Jonathan usually has to share me with the kiddos and it's important to take time JUST FOR HIM. Makes him feel important and special.
Well, he LOVED the movie. He whooped and hollered and clapped....
As a review, I must warn you that this is NOT a movie suitable for children. It is chock full of profanity, a bit a nudity and LOTS of violence. All that being said, it was good. I'll end up seeing it again when it hits DVD.
I asked Jonathan what he thought of Angelina Jolie, and he said, (and I quote):"She can fight!"
I thought the action was good, you do kind of have to accept some things that can't possibly be real, but overall, I liked it. I give it a "B".
I did not however like spending $27.00 on freaking popcorn and coke.
What is up with that??? Is Congress going to convene a hearing on the Windfall Profits of the Movie Theater Industry?

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