Sunday, June 01, 2008

things that make my life GOOD

(None of this is paid nor's all ME...)

1. My bread machine, a Zo. Zojirushi has the top Breadmakers. Bought two of them over the last 8 years. I make A LOT of bread, so I wore one out. Turned around and bought another one. It's THE BEST. I use mine no less than 5 times weekly to make dinner rolls. I even bought my mom a Zo.

2. my King Arthur Bread Flour. I was looking at my food budget. Always trying to trim the fat, so to speak. And I cannot bear to buy the cheap stuff. (it's more than $2.50 more so we're talking a significant difference, but I want the best...) KAF has a great article on Sky-high wheat prices. Very informative. It's funny you know. I'll pay more for flour than I will for gasoline, and I won't bat an eye....I like bread more than traveling, I guess.

3. My cameras. you can drool over them by clicking here. E-3 Digital SLR - Olympus America Inc. I own two of them. They rock. What more can I say?

4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom I love this aoftware. I LOVE IT in the worst way. (Thank God I'm a homeschooler, I got to buy it for $99.00!!!)

5. my library. Purcellville Library is a tremendous resource. The ladies who work there are fab-u-lous! I might make them a chocolate cake this week, just because.....

6. my iTunes. Apple - iPod + iTunes I simply MUST HAVE music while I edit. I can't edit without music. I tried singing to myself when iTunes kept locking up my Lightroom, but it turned out badly.

7. Netflix Official Site need I say more? A family I recently photographed made the error in asking me about Netflix. After I'd been talking about 10 straight minutes about all of the movies I'd seen, I noticed they were looking at me in a frightened sort of way....I adore Netflix. It's a NEED in a household that has no respite care or babysitters, I'm just sayin'.....and 50 bajillion foreign films. LOVE IT!

8. dark chocolate (no link for that one....)

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Anonymous said...

I love the insights into you. Thanks for sharing!