Saturday, June 21, 2008


You ever have one of those weeks where time just whizzes by a train? That's been my life lately. The kids are FINALLY out of school. We went on a short vacation to Cowan's Gap, PA and are back home. I'll be cleaning my house like a mad-woman, as my MIL is coming in about 36 hours.

It was nice to get comments from people who were concerned that I, who is even a blabber-mouth blogger, was so quiet....You think I blog a lot, you should see me talk....thanks for the love.

Things have been busy. Not perfect. But very busy.

This week brings a Mother-in-Law visit (which I love, I actually have a wonderful MIL and she doesn't read here so I am not sucking up). We bought lots of games in prep for her visit and I am planning easy menus since this is also VBS week.

Now, Micaela and I are off to the bookstore. She has a $5 gift card that is burning a hole in her pocket. I am going to actually buy a book for full-price. I am sooooo cheap, I hardly ever ever do that. But I really want to ready this book, Nick of Time, to the kids for bedtime this summer. It was recommended by my fave radio dude, I love Glenn Beck and he is usually right about books.

All is as well as it can be. We tried out a new respite program today. LOVED IT!! What a blessing that someone will watch my rascally kids so I can have lunch with my husband in peace.

I'll catch you guys up on all the "stuff". This week will be VERY busy. My husband is on leave for the whole week so at least I'll have some help. I promise more updates...and maybe even some pictures, too.


Kellie said...

Whew! I am glad to know you've been busy, and not something crazy!

Linda said...

You had mentioned that you were leaving, in an email, so I knew you'd be without internet for a bit...just didn't know for how long. Glad to see you're back...missed ya!!!

Anonymous said...

You've been missed! Glad to see you are back in blogging action! I hope your trip went well and your MIL visit goes good too.

We're getting ready to take the kids on vacation to Disney World and the beach for a week and a half beginning next Saturday. Everyone is looking forward to it, as it should be a fun trip.

Have a fun week!


Anonymous said...

You were missed... I had the thought, "Gosh, what did I do before I read her blog everyday???? What am I going to do instead????"... so I actually took some time to clean my house instead! Thanks for that, kind of. Seriously, glad you're back!