Monday, July 21, 2008

5 things

Saw this on my friend, Barbara's blog. You can find her at Mommy Life .
You know she has TWELVE kids.......and still has her sanity.
To say she rocks is a mild understatment.

Five Things That Might Surprise You About me:

*I don't eat cheese.
*I am terrified of lizards. My children are relentless in teasing me about this.
*I don’t eat ANY condiments. I live happily in a world that is mayo-free. Same goes for mustard, ketchup, salad dressing and all that goopy other stuff.
*I can only sweat on one side of my body (a lovely bonus from having a stroke!).
*I’m great with foreign languages.....
~~~~~~~~~now that I have bared my soul (ha ha) I wanna hear your five things!
It's only five, not too many. Just enough....
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The Other Lion said...

my sister doesn't eat condiments, either! just plain lettuce. weirdos. =)

Linda said...

* I'm always angry
* I do everything left handed, except play guitar
* I'm fascinated by medical shows
* I hate people who put on airs to act better than they are
* I've been engaged 7 times...married twice

Anonymous said...

i'd comment but i'm still stuck on 12 kids!! give me time to regroup and i might get back with ya. 12 kids...woah