Wednesday, July 02, 2008

are you a reader?

Are YOU a reader? I most certainly am.
My mom gave me a lifelong love of books. I remember losing HOURS in the library, reading about places I'll never see, doing things I'll never do...
Reading is something I want to pass along to BOTH of my kiddos. And the program listed below is helping me accomplish that mission:

The (friendly) competition is ON! Micaela and Adam are picking out books and READING on their own. Adam is MUCH more excited about it. Although Micaela is a good reader, her anxiety gets in her way and she frets. It's my goal for summer to help her develop into a comfortable, fluent reader.
As a little (FX carrier) girl, I was VERY shy. Looking back, I am pretty sure I had it the worst of all the girls in my family. My other sisters seemed confident and capable: whereas, I just felt like a bumbling idiot. Reading saved my life. Seriously. I was so shy, being a bookworm made me smart and allowed me to be a part of things.

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