Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chinese or Spanish?

Adam will be taking a forign language as part of his homeschool studies.
I can't decide between Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish.
Spanish is probably more immediately practical.
But Chinese would make him much more marketable in 15 years if he keeps up with it.
Plus I am a bit selfish, I already speak Spanish. I KNOW it's his language but I would kind of like to learn something new (since I'll be teaching it..)

He wants Chinese. I just worry "will he get bored quickly?"
If his sister ends up in the Homeschool classroom, she, too, will get to learn Chinese...

(that says Adam in Chinese...)
Even though I have a few languages under my belt, I admit to being a little intimidated by learning Chinese. Which is why I will choose Rosetta Stone. A friend used it for her children and says it's a great program and I trust her opinion.

Chinese or Spanish?


Sue said...

As my favorite host of a local very conservative radio talk show would say -- go with Chinese.....really more practical....he claims that the only people who speak only spanish are from the lowest rung of the socio economic hierarchy and unless he is in social work why bother....his words not mine

Anonymous said...

That is such a toughy. I would go with what you think they would enjoy more...Chinese. Plus most colleges teach Spanish and not Chinese so if he feels left out of the Spanish loop he still has a chance :)

Jen said...

Those were the two languages that had openings when I went to the language school in Monterey while in the AF. After taking the placement test, they of course put me into the Spanish course because I had four years of it in school. I would have loved to have taken the Chinese, although I heard from those that were taking it that it was tough!
I vote for Chinese, especially if that's where his interest is now. There will be time for Spanish later, and it will probably seem like a breeze after learning about Chinese!

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, go with Chinese. It will take him far in, no matter what job he does.

Kari said...

I plan on teaching my kids Russian, because I speak Russian and it will be easiest for me! But, they don't really have a preference. I'm not sure where Russian will land them in 15 years, but at least it's a foreign language! :) ha!

rennratt said...

If Rosetta Stone is too advanced for them, you could always try Muzzy.

One of my friends is a 4th grade teacher, and uses this program to help teach Japanese.

Good luck!