Thursday, July 03, 2008

the Devil and a Donut

You wanna know something,
I NEVER really crave a donut until I decide (once again) to start exercising.....

I can go WEEKS, months even and nary a thought about a donut.

But the Devil is trying to wear me down. I woke up thinking about glazed donuts, and chocolate dipped cake donuts..

ARGH!! I will NOT give in. I just won't....


Linda said...

Well....I give in...though not the CRAZY way...since I'm doing Weight Watchers, I can make space in my day for a piece of chocolate. Hershey's "Bliss" chocolate is 1 point per piece. 2 pieces is WAY more than enough (particularly the dark chocolate one) it satisfies the need for the sweet and doesn't "break the bank" so to speak.

Kelsey said...

You must keep strong!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for visiting! I hope you'll post a picture still...even though you have so many which are AWESOME..OH WOW! What a photographer you are! I would have loved to be doing what you can do. As you can see, my photo of my husband is even blurry! Ha! Just need a few lessons! ;) Don't cha think? :)
Nice meeting you..visit again and I'll come check your blog out and share it with others too.
God bless!