Saturday, July 19, 2008

guess what I got?

I got something new today.
Something necessary.
And I got it cheap, the way I like it..

I got a BlackBerry, a Curve to be specific.
As business grows, I need to stay connected.
But CrackBerry, as it is often called, has been something that I have resisted for a LONG time.
The theory is that this will help me stay in touch better, keep a closer calendar with clients' info and personal appointments.

Now, I just have to figure it out.
My gosh, it has 42 gazillion features. I handed it to Adam and he knows how to play the BrickBreaker game.....How does he know that? You know that you can download free games for it? I am looking at Monkey Madness, where you are Pistachio, a lone monkey battling against a gang of penguins. Drop bombs to clear a path to the final tile of each level (it will be flashing). Avoid the polar bear at all costs.

I feel like that sometimes, you know....a lone Monkey.
No wise cracks from the Peanut Gallery.


rennratt said...

I have a Crackberry Pearl.

All of the buttons make me want to cry.

I could read the manual, but it is roughly the size of the Manhattan (NYC, not KS) phone book.

I highly recommend the antenna booster (approx $5 on line).

I can walk you through the address book, but that is about it.

Congratulations, and good luck!

rennratt said...

***Cross Blog Chatter***

"My" shoes not only come in pink, they also come in an assortment of frogs, penguins and the like!

They are Union Bay brand and can be purchased at a varied assortment of stores. K*hl's is the most popular, I think.

Good luck with the search!

Heather said...

Congrats on your new blackberry. My husband has gone through several for his job and LOVES them. I hope you enjoy your's just as much.

Anonymous said...

Cool new toy Suzanne! I'm sure it's going to be quite handy for utilization in your business. You know you are going to like it!