Saturday, July 26, 2008

home early

I am back from home early from my stay-cation.
I left Greg and the little ones back at the site.
I have HORRIBLE headaches and a surly no-longer-teenager issues.
(Jonathan doesn't like any bathroom but his own......'nuff said.)

THIS is why I vacation within 50 miles of home.
Life will calm down now. My headaches will subside and I will be able to breathe.
I do miss the kids though....

Life with fragile x is always interesting. Jonathan and I are going on a Mom Date today so we're gonna make the best of it....


Anonymous said...

Try ordering spicy Chinese food for dinner to help the headaches... helps me with my migraines. For some reason the hotness triggers something in the brain to reduce the headache. And it means you don't have to make dinner!
Try to make the most of your at-home vacation!

Anonymous said...

That stinks but I know how it is. Enjoy your mom date :)

NoahandMaddysMom said...

Sorry about the headache and having to cut the vacation short. Hope you and Jonathan gets some quality Mom-Son time. I also wanted to tell you about something I signed up for a few weeks ago...I know you are an avid reader so I thought you might be interested. It is called Mother Talk and it is for Moms Who Blog..they are always loooking for Mom bloggers to read books before they come out to the public and review them. I am currently reading the Dangerous Days of Daniel X for them by James Patterson. It is geared toward young boys to encourage them to keep reading (stats say that drops off after 4th grade dramatically).
Anyway, if you are interested, google them or email me and I can send you their contact info.
thescbarkers (at) charter dot net

Anonymous said...

I hope your headaches have subsided! I also hope you enjoyed youe stay-cation. I'm glad you are back.