Monday, July 28, 2008

lucky kid

We went camping last week, at Cunningham Falls State Park in MD.
Only 50 miles from home. It was nice. The kids LOVE hiking with their dad.
Adam was King of Hiking and Micaela ruled in the water.
LOTS of fun....

Look what Adam came home with......

No, I did not buy it for him. HE FOUND IT. On the ground in the campground after most of the families had packed up and left. He's lucky because I would NEVER have found one of these at the thrift store. It is a neat toy! It plays both Nintendo DS and Extreme Gameboy....I had to buy an adapter ($15) for it to charge. Not a bad price for a $130 toy....Micaela is sad because he didn't find her a pink one. ARGH!

If I buy games, they will educational. And on sale.



Linda said...

good luck finding educational DS games, lol!

But get YOURSELF Brain Age (and Brain Age 2 and others) to keep YOUR mind sharp when the kids are in bed!

Heather said...

That's awesome! I wish I could find some hundred dollar bills laying around!