Tuesday, July 08, 2008

so sad

I think my lil pink iPod is dead. I have had it for, what...two years? Maybe more.
I use the daylights out of that lil thing. It keeps me sane when Jonathan is SUPER talkative (which is often). I play it in the morning, before the household wakes up, or when I doing laundry and trying to stay positive.....I was thrilled beyond measure when Greg bought it for me.
If the "restore" thing doesn't work, I'll be so sad. I will!
Have any of you ever had to restore your iPod?


Sue said...

I don't have an ipod but I have a Creative Zen which I have had to restore before. The first one had a firmware failure that was never able to get fixed. The second (yes dummy that I am bought another one used on ebay) fails all the time and I restore it and it works but it is getting on my last nerve and am planning on getting an ipod soon...........but then again, I use my phone as my MP3 player now so perhaps there is no need..............But that said, my niece has restored her ipod more than once with no adverse consequences.

Kristiem10 said...

I don't have an ipod, but an mp3 player. But I was pretty sad when I sucked up my ear buds the other day with the sweeper. I know, def. not as bad a the player being toast, but still. I hope the restore works for you, and you are groovin' again soon.

Linda said...

I'm not sure what you mean by restore....I know I've had issues with mine turning off...and I use the "menu-center" button thing (press and hold both till the screen goes black and a white/silver apple shows up) and sometimes I have to do that several times to get it to reset.

The worst thing about it dying is that the NEW iPod Nano is nothing like the one you have now...so all your accessories don't work (you know, covers, etc). But you can always try a re-furb if needed. Hope it works to restore it!

Anonymous said...

I never thought about using it as a way to keep sane when my fx'ers are being a little too talkative (which is like jonathan...always...lol)

Hope you can get it up and running or a new one soon. We wouldn't want you to go crazy :)

Paula Fasciano said...

OY...Restore is usually not your friend! It's what Apple suggests when they don't have the answer.

I have had to restore many a time, and it tunrs out that it wasn't my iPod ( I have an 80GB thin one but with color display)but rather the USB port once, and the cables another time...make sure you try it on a different PC to see if it sees it...or different cables.
It's a pain in the arse to restore...just my .02

SB said...

thank you Paula. I will try that!
Whew, glad I didn't restore yet.