Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Some of you probably already know about Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer-. Well, she's struck kitchen gold with this week's WFMW (which stands for "Works for Me Wednesday")

Works For Me: The Five-Ingredients-Or-Less Edition

I added one, too.

My WFMW is a two part: it's a recipe AND a tool....
I like to buy cheap meats.
Let me amend that: I buy cheaper meat because IT'S CHEAP and I am not a wealthy woman. Personally, I am a Ribeye girl. And I can make a Sirloin Tip Steak taste like a Ribeye...

Wanna know how?

With my trusty Tupperware Marinade dish (bought at a thrift store for a buck)...I saw this on someone else's blog and she was going on and on and on about it, and I was like "Holy Jeez, it's not the Holy Grail...."....then I found one. And IT ROCKS....and it is the Holy Grail of marinade tools. It's plastic, relatively small, can marinade up to 6 steaks at once and it's AIRTIGHT. It has the lil nobs that hold the meat UP so it gets really marinated.....Love it!

This leads me to my WFMW recipe: it's a marinade (duh).......

Combine these ingredient and marinade your not-so-Ribeye meats and you'll love it. It's GREAT on beef tips. Like kabobs....In fact, we're having this tonight with Cowgirl Beans and Corn Fritters. With homemade dinner rolls...(I had someone recently sent me a mean e-mail saying that I thought I was so special making everything from scratch, I am not special, I AM CHEAP.)

Back to the marinade:

Mix together:

*1/2 cup Worcestershire Sauce (which we call Wooster)
*1 cup Italian Salad dressing (low fat is my choice)
*1 cup of BBQ sauce
*a bit of garlic pepper to add some kick

Place your meat in the marinade and let it soak. I soak my stuff for hours and hours, overnight if I plan well. It's goooooooooooood.


Noah&Maddy's Mom said...

Thi marinade sounds great!! Can;t wait to try it out. Now I jut need to find one of the Tupperware thingys...

Noah&Maddy's Mom said...

I tried the marianade last night on some pork loin. It was fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I have not gotten brave enough to try and make rolls from scratch, but I am feeling inspired!! Thanks again.