Wednesday, August 27, 2008

9 years

9 years.
Nine years, devoted and committed to the same person.
People said it wouldn’t last.
They laughed when I said I met the love of my life on the internet (gasp!)

9 years ago, we stood before God and those that mattered and swore to be there for each other. And we have. We’ve had some amazing moments. We’ve faced some tough times, hard decisions and held on. We both swore going into this that it was FOREVER. We were old enough to grasp what forever really meant.

I am blessed.
Blessed by these 9 years.
Blessed by God to have the love of this man.
So on this day, I publicly thank him.
For being a wonderful husband, the keeper of my secrets, the one who holds my hand and my heart, The Fixer, the best Father.

Happy Anniversary, Greg…..


Linda said...

Happy's always great when you can thumb your nose at those who say you won't make it. Doesn't matter how or where you met, but that God's hand was there to put the two of you together. He knew that you belonged together, and He is the one who gave you the ability to meet the way you did.

God bless your continued marriage....and both of you, too!

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember now thinking last year, how cool it was that your anni was the day after ours:) I will probably re-remember every year. LOL

Kellie said...

Happy day! Hope the coming year is the best one yet!

Kristiem10 said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on nine years of marriage.

kristen@nosmallthing said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful celebration together.

Anonymous said...

I met my love online too. I couldn't have found a better guy