Sunday, August 31, 2008

blog break OVER

I return to my blog, my life, my STUFF well-rested and renewed.
Isn't it cool when God knows JUST what you need?
I am blessed. Oh so blessed.

Check these out:

Aren't they cute? I am going to make these with the kids for the upcoming Fall Season. You could easily turn one of them into a Pilgrim to hold napkins for Thanksgiving, or a Christmas Tree to hold mints....Endless possibilities...
I love love LOVE Fall. The changing colors. The fallen leaves. SWEATERS!! Come on, Fall!! I'm ready for you.

My prayers are with those in the path of Gustav...

For families waiting on their proofs, I am working fast and furious. Life has been a little slow lately but I am back on track!!


1 comment:

Peggy said...

Those really are cute!! And I laughed (WITH you I hope) about your blog break - it was pretty short. Tee hee! We can not stay away!