Saturday, August 09, 2008

a day off

I had respite today....
way far away from my house.
Not complaining. I am just tired.....Even lil Miss 8-year old "Sunshine in the morning" was grumpy getting up so early to make it to respite....
I guess I wasn't looking forward to respite because I would be ALL ALONE.
Greg is TDY and I don't know what to do by what did I do?


I could not find a single cute summer top that didn't look ridiculous on me.
So I decided to just shop for books, and shop I did!

I spent $20.00 across two stores and came home with over 30 books. Below is a sample for the kids' homeschool area. Adam is VERY motivated to look things up so I bought every DK book they had. Even though they were priced $3.50 or $3.00, they rang up $1.00 AND were half-off!! (did you know that DK -Dorling Kindersley had a visually impaired daughter and "invented" that style of photography in books to help his own child, creating a style of books that appealed to LOTS of folks...)

Adam is also motivated by grossness, which explains the last book. He shrieked with boyish glee when he saw it in the bag!!

Not one stinkin' top, but I got 34 books!! I also bought a STACK of paperbacks to add to my PaperBack Swap account. Have you guys started using PBS yet? Click on it in the left column way down there, and check it out. I planned ahead and got EVERY ONE of Adam's additional Language Arts books (all 22 of them) for free....(Saved myself over $100 by using PaperBack Swap..) Free is the Ultimate Cheap.

Now, Momma-Super Shopper is tired. I am fixing something super easy for dinner (tortilla wraps) and sitting down to watch the Olympics.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got some time to enjoy on your own. You know you probably needed it. I hope the rest of your weekend is fun as well.