Tuesday, August 19, 2008

home again

I am home again from vacation.
Jonathan lasted longer than *I* did. (My kidneys hate me......)
I am laying low, trying to ignore the throbbing pain, but it's not working out so well. Greg and the wee ones are back hanging at the Beach...and it's this image of my sweet Adam that stays with me.

He wanted to be covered up with sand...to warm up.

Isn't it funny that sometimes kids can drive you crazy...but you miss them the instant you're away from them?


Anonymous said...

I've done that...it works!!

Jen said...

I know! Sometimes I just want to get away, but when I'm away, I want to be with them...crazy!

Xena said...

Missing kids the instant you're away from them, even after they're annoying....that's funny because someone just posted that on TMC, and I me too'd it. Please don't send me anymore time wasters, you wouldn't believe the amount of sleep I've lost the past 2 nights trying to read every last new post....!