Thursday, August 14, 2008

blessed technology

I was feeling pretty good yesterday.
I cleaned my kitchen. Vaccuumed AND finished the laundry...
Did I mention that my computer wasn't working?? hehehehe..
it's amazing what I can get done if I don't have internet access.

Seriously, I think my computer has feelings, because obviously I made it mad. It's on strike again. How am I posting this? By sheer luck. I have been trying to post edited sessions on my website and it won't let me.
Technology is NOT my friend today.

I am on a mission today. To find a cheap 2-drawer file cabinet.
For Micaela. We're going to spray-paint it pink and decorate it funky.
For her school work. It'll sit beside her pink desk.
Did I mention that she likes pink?


Kristiem10 said...

Computers are great when they work, eh? What a cool mom you are for painting her file cabinet PINK!

Linda said...

I always get so much accomplished when I'm not on the computer...I'm always REALLY bored though...ugh.

Casdok said...

As i am not blogging so much these days my house is a lot more organised!!

Hope you find your cabinet!