Tuesday, August 26, 2008

is it only Tuesday???

It's been a LONG week already.
Due to a calendar miscalculation, (I had thought Jonathan started back to school on Monday...but it's actually WEDNESDAY...) Jonathan's been very upset with me. Like I am personally keeping the doors of his school shut...

I am two Seniors/Families behind on editing.
The pictures from the TOG Ball are completely done and being printed.
I bet that sets some sort of record for a military event, don't ya think?
I am taking tomorrow off though. I have to get caught up PLUS it's my anniversary (9 years, baby!!)--prepare for alovestruck, sappy post----

I went shopping today.
I need cute clothes.
Let me amend that: I need more VERSATILE clothes.
Fall is coming and I want an updated basic wardrobe. I'll buy the basics (navy skirt, black skirt, khaki pants) new but all of my cool sweaters and hoodies will come from the Thirft Stores that I haunt. I used to love shopping.
Not so much anymore....could it be the fact that MY KIDS hate shopping??

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