Friday, August 01, 2008

it's AUGUST, baby!!

This is a GREAT month. It's my daughter's birthday month (which she is reminding me EVERY 13 seconds, in case I forget..)

It's also:
• American Artist Appreciation Month
• Foot Health Month
• Home Business Month
• National Catfish Month
• National Golf Month
• National Inventors Month
• National Water Quality Month (they NEED a whole month??)

Week Long Observances
• 1st Week - National Clown Week (Will I break out my clown suit?)
• 2nd Week - Elvis Week (don't get it)
• 2nd Week - National Apple Week (oh the recipes I will share!!)
• 2nd Week - National Smile Week
• 3rd Week - Air Conditioning Appreciation Week (amen!!)
• 3rd Week - American Dance Week

Celebrate something, people.
Be happy. And grateful. Your life is a great place to be!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you tasted our water you would understand why it is a whole month....ewww gross!!!

I don't get Elvis week either but my oldest girl child thought it was quite cool.