Thursday, August 21, 2008

need a book

I need a new book.
A GOOOOOOOD book. The kind that you can't put down even to go bed.
You know the kind I'm talking about.
In a mere two weeks, I'll be diving into the deep end of homeschooling and this might be my last chance for couch reading (until I get in the groove...)

So hit me. Gimme your book recommendation.
Lemme have 'em.
And I am NOT a Harlequin type girl. Give me intrigue, crime & punishment, true stories, heart strings, but no bodice-rippers please.



Berry Patch said...

Liz Curtis Higgs - Mixed Signals - excellent book. I also liked her book called Bookends. Both are stand alone (not series which I love to read). Anything by Karen Kingsbury is good too if you never read any of hers. A lot are series though so you may not have time to get through all of them. ;-) Enjoy!

Sue said...

I just finished a book on the recommendation of the USA Book List -- it is called Oxygen by Carol Casella -- it is her first book and I loved it -- read it in two days. Mostly drama (not the political thriller you like alot but) but a nice little twist toward the end :)

Linda said...

have to agree with Lisa on the Karen Kingsbury (I believe SHE got me addicted to those, lol).

True Crime: Anything Ann Rule - her books are definite "no sleep" books! And I just read a really good one called Healing Promises (Defenders of Hope series) by Amy Wallace...good one, but a "hard read" meaning that I had to put it down a few times (it deals with cancer and with Scott's aunt going through it, it was a little too close to home)

Linda said...

oh. yeah...don't forget to check out your goodreads bookshelf (and your friends' shelves) if you're running out of ideas!

rennratt said...

Sinner: A Novel [by Sharon Carter Rogers]

Pawn [by Steven James]

I also LOVE the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. This series is definitely on the racier side of thriller [language, situations, etc], but the series is also firmly in the arena of Beach Book. Great escapes, all.

"Sinner" will make you gasp out loud, and "Rook" will surprise you in that it was written by a Christian Folklore guy...who specializes in Kid stuff.

None of the books are based in reality, by the way. Just fun reads.

The Bottolfini's said...

The Shack - it will change your life

From Amazon:
Mac is a grief-stricken father in mid-life about to have an extraordinary experience with God. His great sadness began four years ago on a weekend camping trip, when his 6-year-old daughter, Missy, was murdered. What he couldn't know then, but is about to learn, was God's purpose for Missy's death. Roger Mueller's clear, gentle voice characterizes Mac's family with high-spirited joy and laughter. His portrayal of Missy's animated excitement makes her especially believable. His polished performance of grief-stricken Mac brings tears. With empathy and sensitivity, Mueller captures the mysterious voices of those who have invited him to the now abandoned, yet transformed, cabin in the wilderness. This compelling fantasy explores themes of love, loss, and blame.

SB said...

love love LOVE "the Shack"...

Anonymous said...

A Girl Named Zippy by Havel Kimmel. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh some more, then you won't stop thinking about it for a long time (and it will bring back lots of memories of your childhood -- good memories).