Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics junkie

Parked solidly on the couch, and watch the Olympics.
That's my plan for the duration.
I watched as long as I could last night and DVR'ed the remainder.
I do not approve the treatment of the Chinese people,
but these are THE OLYMPICS and I think it's important to support our athletes.

And is it just me, or does swimmer Dara Torres make EVERYONE feel fat?
She's a year OLDER than me. I really REALLY need to exercise....

Go USA!!


Linda said...

OH, I am sure that if you had a nanny and a personal trainer and spent hours a day training, exercising and swimming EVERY day, you could make everyone else look fat too!

Me, I'm comfortable...not always happy, but comfortable. I don't want to look like her, it's abnormal to have a six-pack. Yeah, I'd like FLAT...

And hey...she's MY age (and dang it all, they called her MIDDLE-AGED when she qualified...I'm NOT middle-aged...)

SB said...

technically, 38.8 is middle age based on a a 76.6 life expectancy for females in the US, according to figures dated 2003.

So LOTS of us are middle age.

Journey of Truth said...

Personally, I think she looks kinda gross! I'm going to be 39 in October - I have about fifteen pounds to drop to be "healthy", but I want to be fit rather. Now that I'm in the all-clear from skin cancer (had melanoma insitu; no spreading; no more questionable moles found, thank God) . . . I feel like I can start exercising!! Anyway, really? I'm considered middle-aged? Bloody hell!