Wednesday, August 06, 2008

random bit on a Wednesday

--Cleaned out my homeschooling cabinet in prep for the coming school year. I have a TON of books to get rid of. I am thinking garage sale!! Between those and the 14 huge bags of clothing, I might make some $$. The best part would be the freed up space that it will give me.

--My day today consists of laundry. Then I'll do some laundry. And to top it off, some more laundry. The trick today is that I will actually put it away! Shocking, I know.

--Made s'mores the other day. Every time I open my fridge, I am literally assaulted by the scent of them. I am considering hypnosis to steer me clear of crunchy things. I read an article about it. I am VERY susceptible to hypnosis.

--Today is Wiggle your Toes Day. Try not to hurt yourself, people.

--2 days left in the Micaela Birthday countdown.

--I have no books to read from the library. I am forced to read something from my own collection. I wish people would read faster. I am a considerate reader. When I have a book that I KNOW has a long waiting list, I read it quickly and take it right back. I hate waiting. But I know God is teaching me things when he makes me wait...

--The more I think about the whole homeschooling issue, I get so excited. (Remind me this during Week 2 after I have sent both kids to separate corners again..) I just feel good about this decision.

--My kids have become Board Game Junkies.

-----------whew, that's a lot of random bits, eh?


Linda said...

well, cosmic sister bandmaster wife scrapbooker stamper photographer...
we have a hypnotist coming here on Friday. They are specifically targeting weight loss folks...I've seen the ad for a week and I am SERIOUSLY considering it...only $59, and guaranteed....hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I have random bits accruing too. I'm just hoping there is some way I can incorporate them into a post...but I think I'm

I feel so good that I am not the only one who doesn't put the laundry away. After work I will also be doing laundry but I know not much of it will find a drawer or a closet.

And I'm so like you with the library books. If I have to put a hold on a book to get it then it's obviously in high demand and I want to get it back to the library for the next person.

I bet Micaela is getting so excited about the birthday!!