Friday, August 01, 2008

still my best friend

I grew up in Texas.
I still have a twang when I talk.
I have fond memories of friends that I grew up with: my BEST friend is Angie.
I have known Ang since I was little. She went to my school, her house was a few blocks from mine.
She was the one I told my secrets, too.
She was the one who made me laugh harder than anyone I've ever known.
She's just as weird as I am, possibly weirder.
She sheltered me and took care of me when I left an abusive situation.
And to this day, I consider her my true best friend.
Tomorrow is Ang's birthday.
Sometimes, she reads my blog.
So Ang, I bought you a red stapler for your birthday (ha ha)...Happy Birthday and I love ya!

{attached picture is from one of those Mall photo booths. There were PLENTY of more interesting pictures I could have chosen, but I like this one best...}

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