Friday, August 22, 2008

things in my day

* made: brownies. And they're not even for me.

* overheard: while in the car "Hush, you're messing up my jams..."

* discovered: 12 orphans sleeves. Cut from random new-ish shirts in a boy's closet.

* hidden: all scissors. Until further notice.

Life is bumping along. My kidneys have taken a break from the 24-7 assault, which is good because I'll be on feet IN HEELS for 6 hours straight tonight. It's the TOG Ball. And yours truly is the photog. I look forward to it simply to get to see my husband in uniform.

Life is good. I swear I'm going to get me one of those shirts at the store. You know the ones, with the pink heart and it just says "life is good".....


Linda said...

orphan sleeves? Cut from shirts? I do hope they were in that the shirts are now "muscle" style...

Seriously...this is what I have to worry about, huh?

would like to see YOU at the ball, NOT behind the camera...

Anonymous said...

Love the comment about scissors being hidden...brought a smile to my face.

Glad you are feeling better and hope last night went well.