Thursday, August 07, 2008

why I like kids...

You know why I like to photograph children?
Because they are SO in the moment.
They're usually all about fun, and silliness, and goofy grins.
And they are infinitely beautiful.

These are Kristen's kids. Aren't they somethin'?
I could have easily posted my favorite 15 from today's session, but I won't.
Let this one show you how much fun these kiddos are.

---And Kristen, if you're stalking my blog, your session will be online in a matter of minutes!! (Tell me again when you bought that orange bag!!)----


Anonymous said...

Why yes, I am stalking your blog! That was one of my favorite pictures from today...if only they'd kept their feet down!!! :) Thanks Suzanne! I'll be compiling an order. Oh, and the bag is Skip hop...can't remember where I got it, but I've seen them in a few places. Just google it! Orange Rocks!

marcyh said...

Hey,,,i know these kids. Great picture Suzanne...beautiful kids Kristen :-)