Friday, September 12, 2008

another Friday...

We took yesterday off from "school". Well, not completely. We worked, just not at the same clip as usual. I sat on the couch and watched a 9-11 documentary with the kids. Understanding and processing the horror of 9-11 is tough. Explaining the what, how and why to children is VERY tough.

We talked about the kids whose parents never made it home. Micaela was very concerned about the brave firefighters who died trying to rescue others. (this is on her mind as the 1st week of October is Fire Prevention Week and we're organizing a field trip.) Adam was a bit angry that someone would do that to our country. I agree..

After 9-11, we all woke up in a different place as Americans. This is part of our new reality. I am glad that in these past 7 years, that we've been kept safe from other attacks.

I lost my Volvo key. It's the programmable remote clicker-type key. It's the ONLY key I carry in my pocket. On it, it has all of my loyalty cards from stores I shop. I am going to double efforts to FIND it....after I found out it will cost $400 to replace it. $400 amercian dollars for a stupid key. I even offered my kids $20 to find it. No such luck.

The glue that I am breathing through, also known as asthma, is relenting. It's been a yucky week. I can see now that I didn't appreciate my ability to breathe enough. But God is merciful and good and I am feeling better.

Today is not only school, but SWIMMING and SOCCER. I am praying that Adam is over whatever transitional difficulties he was having last week. He has a hard time getting into things. I am praying that Soccer goes smoothly today.

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