Tuesday, September 30, 2008

are ya ready for Christmas?

it's only 85 days until Christmas!!
(I've already started shopping...)
For many reasons, it's a THRIFTY Christmas for us.
We're not dirt poor, but we're not rollin' in it either, you know?
More than the money, I don't want more junk and clutter in my house!
So we're keeping it REALLY simple this year.

One of the books that I always reach for is this:

(don't you love how I put THREE obnoxious frames around it??)

Book Title: 365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas
Author: David E. Monn
ISBN: 006-109330-0

It's an older book, first put out in the 90's but it is FULL of timeless traditions and RECIPES like you wouldn't believe!! (The one for overnight French Toast is knock-down fabulous...You'll have to start wearing elastic pants!!)

I've asked my husband to make something for me for Christmas, a project that he and Adam can make in secret in the garage from stuff we already own. It'll be a good bonding experience plus it'll last forever!

Are you guys already prepping for the Holidays?


Anonymous said...

Xmas will be frugal here too. We plan to use my bonus that I get in November, split it between the 4 kids, and buy them essentials like new school clothes, glasses, etc.

Berry Patch said...

Yup - we do a Christmas Club at the bank. That comes due to us next month. We keep things simple & I plan to make gifts this year myself.

kristen@nosmallthing said...

Yes, yes, I'm getting ready. We bought the kids something big for Christmas this year. Now I'm going to do a lot of filler gifts...they are young enough to LOVE that, and I am determined not to spend as much this year as I normally do. I budget all year long for this holiday season, and I am going to be more careful than ever this year!

Anonymous said...

In the past few years we've started giving each child 3 gifts each. It's been great on the finances, and shopping for 3 special gifts is more fun than purchasing everything I think they'll like (we don't do 'wish lists' here). This year I've set a goal to make sure those 3 gifts don't go over the budget I've set. That will be the hard part because it's not a high number!

Jessica said...

Yes, I bought the first of gifts this past week. We are also going to be frugal this christmas. I am keeping their gifts simple, practical and if possible educational. They have plenty of toys why get more things to make more messes. I think they will like what I have for them so far.

ohhollyf said...


Going through these ideas, and thought I'd share.

SB said...

Great ideas, Holly!
I am GIVING this year. Not presents but of myself. I am hoping, that after prayerful thought, that my husband will consider letting us "adopt/sponsor" a child through Compassion, as a family Christmas gift.
Give of the heart!!